Interview with swimwear designer Pammy Khongboon

Who doesn’t love a beautiful piece of swimwear to wear to the beach? We love getting a bit of sun, and had a chat with swimwear designer Supaporn Khongboon about her design and style.

Swimwear Designer Pammy Khongboon
Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
My name is Supaporn Khongboon but people call me “Pammy”, which is my nickname. I was born and raised in beautiful Thailand.

Tell us about your brand?
KHONGBOON SWIMWEAR is a collection of handmade luxury swimwear. It has custom prints, soft buttery fabrics, reversible designed tops & bottoms and seamless comfort, which makes the brand unique in the market. Khongboon Swimwear offers both the standard full-cut bottom while also offering the more daring Brazilian-cut (less coverage). All swimwear are made in a reversible design, which means they can be worn in two different option within the same piece. It is made for the chic and confident woman, always on the move, who embraces life and her stories to be told and her dreams to be lived.

Khonhboon Swimwear one piece
Khongboon Swimwear SS16

How did you get into design?
I always loved the beach and bikinis, especially Brazilian-cut bikinis. Where I stay in Thailand there was no one designing the bottoms in a Brazilian-cut and it was impossible finding them anywhere, basically. If you did, they were $100 USD for just a bottom, which I thought was crazy. From that experience I started to design my own bikinis, from the beginning just for personal usage, but soon found out that there were many friends and women approaching me, wanting to buy them. That’s how Khongboon Swimwear was born, and since then it’s been an amazing journey which I am eternally thankful for.  

Describe your style to us?
Classy and simple.

What does style mean to you?
To me, style is who you are, what you represent – your own identity. It is an extension of who you are and what you feel, each day your style reflects your own personality and who you are. It gives you the opportunity to reject ideals, make a statement each and every day. It is a wonderful thing.  


How do you find inspiration?
From everything in life; it can be as simple as in the local market chasing fresh vegetables to travels around the world experiencing new places, new scents, meet new people and cultures. Happiness is the key to my inspiration, if I am not happy, I can’t find any inspiration, which means I can’t find the energy and creativity to explore and create my swimwear. Don’t try to look for something, when things are in-place it will come to you, it is a wonderful thing when it happens.


What’s your go to piece that always works for you?
Well, since I am in the swimwear industry I will refer to a bikini! It would be an elegant two-piece bikini in a solid color combination (preferably a reversible so I have two options in one) – you can never go wrong with that (anywhere!).

What’s this season’s must have?
Definitely the halter bikini top! It’s huge this coming season and Khongboon has some amazing pieces coming out this S/S 2016 Collection.

What is your next buy?
That will be a new handbag I’ve been wanting for ages!


What is the most important thing, you need in order to be a good designer?
Stay happy and follow your heart – happiness is key to so much in life, especially for me to get inspiration. You need to love what you’re doing. Designing swimwear has been my dream since so long back and I love each day I can work and create my designs for Khongboon. I am so thankful for each day. Always remember to be consistent and persistent in whatever you do, never give up and never stop believing in what you’re doing, when it gets tough you need to believe that what you’re doing is great work.