Interview with fashion designer Ana Ljubinković

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has swept all across the world. In Budapest Ana Ljubinković showcased her new pieces. We had a chat with her about her designs.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, your name and where you’re from?
I am Ana Ljubinkovic, a fashion designer from Belgrade, Serbia.


Tell us about your brand?
Sculptural shapes, bold colors and patterns, heavy embellishment and the perfect fit are accompanied with an interesting play with details, which has always been the distinctive feature of Ana Ljubinkovic label. The vintage feel and the futuristic, the folkloric but the urban, the comic yet the sensual are classic Ana Ljubinkovic contradictions. Combining kitsch elements and contemporary forms complete the new look, my starting point is always creating an original.


How did you get into design?
From very small age I knew I was going to be a painter, as my father is. I enjoyed my childhood playing in his atelier, and set of crayons were the perfect toy for me. So, I wanted to become an artist from age of 5, and so I did – I graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts (Belgrade) with major in painting. But during my painting studies I had a sketch book especially for fashion ideas.  I guess I was a painting student and wasn’t aware that I am actually a fashion designer at the same time. It became clear after I decided to try to make a fashion collection. After that I had good job opportunities and decided to do fashion. Being artist in Serbia at that time, or even now, is very difficult and unprofitable. I haven’t decided to be fashion designer because of this situation, but because of the fact I have same love for art and fashion so why not choose fashion. Upon the graduation I decided to realize the fashion sketches I had made in the course of studies and I presented my first collection on Belgrade Fashion Week 2004.


Describe your style to us?
I don’t want all eyes on me, so I dress like a normal person, I guess I am a bit shy. I don’t want my look to scream “I am a fashion designer”, or “I’m in fashion” … I like wearing jeans, brogues, but I always have some interesting garment or jewelry piece, just a bit different than the rest.


What does style mean to you?
Fashion interests me when I work on my collections. That’s my world. What’s going on in the fashion world in any other sense, has no impact on me. Style is important but doesn’t make who you are. I don’t like seeing people making too much effort and spending too much time on their style. It has to be effortless, then a person has a style. If I like a piece of jewelry or a bag, a pair of shoes or jeans I will wear it on 1000 occasions, not thinking about being boring style wise.


How do you find inspiration?
My starting point is always creating an original. I like exploring different styles, and if I once find minimalism inspiring and intriguing, I will make minimalist collection. I don’t like sticking to the signature if that stops me from growing and inventing. I’ll do whatever it takes to direct my thoughts and my skills to make something that has never been seen or done before. That is my ultimate goal. I find great inspiration in Universe, nature wonders, human incredible inventions that have changed the world, comprehending what is at the deepest waters of the ocean, what is behind our Milky Way and beyond. I believe in Multiverses so I wonder how it is there…


What’s your go to piece that always works for you?
A pair of shoes, accessories really. But for me is always pants and blazer, a piece of jewelry and ABO shoes (my sister Iva’s brand) -good enough almost for every occasion.


What’s this season’s must have?
Find an emerging designer’s piece that no one else will have!


What is your next buy?
I will finally make some of my own label pieces for myself. I always wear it, but I need new clothes. I shop Belgrade designer’s labels every season.


What is the most important thing, you need in order to be a good designer?
Originality, creativity, idea, endurance, criticism (for your own work) always, stay who you are in your own design. Build your own label on your own ideas.



Interview with shoe designer Frederikke Schmidt

Shoes! We love shoes! So we had a chat with Danish shoe designer Frederikke Schmidt, the brain and designer behind Roccamore, where comfort meets design.


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, your name and where you’re from?
My name is Frederikke Antonie Schmidt, I’m a Danish shoe designer, educated from Polimoda in Florence, where I lived for about 5 years.andrea4_largeTell us about your brand?
Roccamore makes comfortable high heels in feminine design. Based on an orthopaedic technology, I have developed an insole that is built into the shoe and specially designed to shape your foot to walk as anatomically correct as possible in high heels. The point of Roccamore is to merge fashion and design and from the outside you can’t actually see that it’s a comfortable shoe – but you can feel the difference.

How did you get into design?
I have always been designing dresses and make most of my own today. When I was little, I used to make my mother crazy, cutting out pieces of her dresses to use as material references on my drawings. When I got older, I discovered shoe design and got completely fascinated with the power of good design, how a really beautiful shoe is like a sculpture, almost a piece of art.

Describe your style to us?
Feminine, happy, colourful, often vintage and very personal.
What does style mean to you?
A way of expression, I guess. How we dress affects how other people see us, it signals to the world who we are or a least who we want the world to think we are. I think most people dress to be part of a community, a tribe, to feel accepted as one of the group. I think that’s quite a shame – I dress very much after how I feel, the mood I’m in and how I want to be perceived. I like to stand out from the crowd – but maybe that’s just me …


What’s this season’s must have?
This season is all about back to nature, forest feelings and 1970’s. Most important colours are burgundy, moss green, burnt orange and yellow, and any kind of flowers prints. This season I’m gonna dress in a pair of long burgundy coloured boots, a big leather bag, 70’s style, in burnt orange and lots of flower dresses.

What is your next buy?
Burgundy boots


What is the most important thing, you need in order to be a good designer?
Good aesthetics and a strong sense of fashion is, of course, important, but as long as you are passionate and have a strong self confidence, I think you will have success with what you do.

Interview with fashion blogger Dorka Molnar

We met with London-based lifestyle blogger Dorka Molnar for an quick chat in downtown Budapest. Visit her blog to get inspired.the-sense-london-outfit-look-fringe-boots-prada-bag-patent-skirt



Tell us a little about yourself?
Hi my name is Dorka, I’m from Budapest, I’m 26 years old and I’ve been blogging for 6 years now. I went to fashion school to study to be a fashion stylist.

How would you describe your style?
I’m definitely minimal. I don’t like accessories, I don’t like colors or prints but I’m always wearing something feminine. I like to layer, I like to find some details that are making the outfit but it still has to be something really simple.


How do you find inspiration for your outfits?
I usually browse Instagram. I’m only using Instagram for inspiration so if I have some free time I just go up there and look at what other girls are wearing.

Who is your favorite blogger?
My absolute favorite is Harper and Harley. She is an australian girl.

What’s your next buy?
My next buy is probably a pair of kitten heels, which is an absolutely hideous thing to wear, but I just fell in love with a pair and I’m saving up.


What’s your go-to piece that always works for you?
Definitely something black, little black dresses and anything black that can be layered. Sweaters, tunics, leather pants. I’m pretty much into monochrome.

Where do you usually shop?
I usually shop online because I really like items that are not on every corner. I’m usually spending hours and hours looking for designer vintage pieces or little brands. I’m pretty much a maniac so I have a package arriving every other day.

What is the most embarrassing outfit you ever wore?
I’m embarrassed to even think about it. I was 16 and thought it was a really good idea to wear cowboy boots with fish-net tights. I think I was wearing rainbow-colored fake eyelashes with it. But I felt good so no regrets.


What do you do in your free-time?
I read a lot, I’m a real bookworm actually. I’ve read thousands and thousands of books. I also love art galleries, museums and I’m a big theatre fan.

What is your advice to people who find it hard to put outfits together?
I think the internet has infinite options and I would absolutely recommend the Passion 4 Fashion App, because it’s a really genuine source of legit information and help if you want to put an outfit together that really fits your personality and body type.

What’s your advice to someone who wants to start blogging about fashion?
Always stay yourself because it’s really hard to live up to all the expectations when your are comparing yourself to the people who have already made it in the industry. Just give yourself time and space so you can grow into whatever you put as a goal.


Interview with fashion designer Rosa Winther Denison

Rosa is a young designer from Copenhagen. We had a chat with her about her style and designs.


Tell us about your brand?
RWD was founded in 2014.  RWD is all about Scandinavian minimalism and collections with a multi purpose. I aims to create collections that satisfy the multiple needs of modern women. Raw materials are rigorously evaluated and chosen carefully with a strong focus on quality and diversity. The collections are distinctive and classical, yet slightly askew. I wish to integrate a strong and sophisticated expression with that little extra twist that makes the individual garments stand out. I also hand knit all the accessories  myself and hope that slow fashion and high quality designs will eventually challenge the storming fast high-street fashion culture.

Danish fashion design RWD by Rosa Winther Denison

How did you get into design?
I decided on becoming a designer, when I got tired of the reading and remembering at sixth-form-college. I am incredibly bad at remembering stuff I’m not interested in, and I discovered that all that reading was not for me. I have also thought of becoming a law student, which I am quite happy about not pursuing.

Danish fashion design RWD by Rosa Winther Denison

Describe your style to us?
My personal style is very relaxed. I love combining vintage items with basic pieces. I especially love wearing my grandma’s shirts, from when she was young. You can see how well made things were back then, and that finish was a whole other story. I love to look different, not wearing what everyone else is, everyday.

Danish fashion design RWD by Rosa Winther Denison

How do you find inspiration?
I mostly get inspired by architecture – by some the world’s most interesting architects. I really enjoy interpreting their aesthetics and I strive to create a synergy between a domain of structures and supple materials. I also quite like combining old fashion methods with new fancy technology, in order to create unique pieces.

Danish fashion design RWD by Rosa Winther Denison

What’s this season’s must have?
A raincoat… or the long wooly cashmere/viscose jacket from my collection. It’s simply my favorite.

Danish fashion design RWD by Rosa Winther Denison
What is your next buy?
I really need new socks and underwear for winter. But I would much more prefer a new kitchen.

What is the most important thing, you need in order to be a good designer?
Creativity, a business orientated mind, and patience. Patience, patience, patience. I hope one day to win the lottery in order to invest in future projects, but things take time, and that is one of the most tough but very honest points in fashion.

Danish fashion design RWD by Rosa Winther Denison

RWD Webshop

Interview with swimwear designer Pammy Khongboon

Who doesn’t love a beautiful piece of swimwear to wear to the beach? We love getting a bit of sun, and had a chat with swimwear designer Supaporn Khongboon about her design and style.

Swimwear Designer Pammy Khongboon
Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
My name is Supaporn Khongboon but people call me “Pammy”, which is my nickname. I was born and raised in beautiful Thailand.

Tell us about your brand?
KHONGBOON SWIMWEAR is a collection of handmade luxury swimwear. It has custom prints, soft buttery fabrics, reversible designed tops & bottoms and seamless comfort, which makes the brand unique in the market. Khongboon Swimwear offers both the standard full-cut bottom while also offering the more daring Brazilian-cut (less coverage). All swimwear are made in a reversible design, which means they can be worn in two different option within the same piece. It is made for the chic and confident woman, always on the move, who embraces life and her stories to be told and her dreams to be lived.

Khonhboon Swimwear one piece
Khongboon Swimwear SS16

How did you get into design?
I always loved the beach and bikinis, especially Brazilian-cut bikinis. Where I stay in Thailand there was no one designing the bottoms in a Brazilian-cut and it was impossible finding them anywhere, basically. If you did, they were $100 USD for just a bottom, which I thought was crazy. From that experience I started to design my own bikinis, from the beginning just for personal usage, but soon found out that there were many friends and women approaching me, wanting to buy them. That’s how Khongboon Swimwear was born, and since then it’s been an amazing journey which I am eternally thankful for.  

Describe your style to us?
Classy and simple.

What does style mean to you?
To me, style is who you are, what you represent – your own identity. It is an extension of who you are and what you feel, each day your style reflects your own personality and who you are. It gives you the opportunity to reject ideals, make a statement each and every day. It is a wonderful thing.  


How do you find inspiration?
From everything in life; it can be as simple as in the local market chasing fresh vegetables to travels around the world experiencing new places, new scents, meet new people and cultures. Happiness is the key to my inspiration, if I am not happy, I can’t find any inspiration, which means I can’t find the energy and creativity to explore and create my swimwear. Don’t try to look for something, when things are in-place it will come to you, it is a wonderful thing when it happens.


What’s your go to piece that always works for you?
Well, since I am in the swimwear industry I will refer to a bikini! It would be an elegant two-piece bikini in a solid color combination (preferably a reversible so I have two options in one) – you can never go wrong with that (anywhere!).

What’s this season’s must have?
Definitely the halter bikini top! It’s huge this coming season and Khongboon has some amazing pieces coming out this S/S 2016 Collection.

What is your next buy?
That will be a new handbag I’ve been wanting for ages!


What is the most important thing, you need in order to be a good designer?
Stay happy and follow your heart – happiness is key to so much in life, especially for me to get inspiration. You need to love what you’re doing. Designing swimwear has been my dream since so long back and I love each day I can work and create my designs for Khongboon. I am so thankful for each day. Always remember to be consistent and persistent in whatever you do, never give up and never stop believing in what you’re doing, when it gets tough you need to believe that what you’re doing is great work.